Does the mist fan produce cooler wind than air-conditioner?

» First, we must establish the understanding that the working system of a mist fan and an air conditioner is somehow different. A mist fan is appropriate for an open or outdoor area and vice versa. Thus they cannot be compared. What we should take into consideration is practicality. If you are finding the device for using in an open or outdoor area, then a mist fan is your answer. It can produce coolness cover the area more effectively and not create a dramatic difference between the area that uses the mist fan and the area that do not.

Is it unable to install the fogger in a garden?

» Of course, The fogging system can rise moisture in the air around the fogger. It is thus appropriate for being installed in a garden to supplement the moisture content to trees. Especially, if those trees are in the variety that does not need too much water but prefer moisture. For example, Bali-style garden, forest garden, or orchids.

Does the mist fan result in contracting pneumonia?

» Before discussing further, we should keep the mist fan’s working system in mind.  The mist fan force high pressure water passing through a tiny cavity to make water ejected in an infinitesimal amount vapor. With such a tiny particle, this vapor is evaporated in no time once it contacts with air. It will absorb heat and evaporate. Water will cool down the temperature surrounding the vapor, yet the coefficient of moisture expansion increases. In conclusion, the mist fan should be used in the adequately ventilated area.

What is the mist fan? Is it different from the general fan?

» The mist fan is a fan like any common fan. However, there are differences. A general fan has a small size with less strong wind power. It is proper for using in the narrow or limited area. In contrast, the mist fan has a bigger size with much more wind power. It might bother you if you use in the narrow area. The unique feature is that the mist fan lets tiny vapor out in front of the fan’s area to reduce temperature. This help cool down temperature and air that passes through the mist fan will be cooled down around 5-10 degree Celsius.

How does the mist fan work?

» The mist fan relies on scientific principle. When water absorbs its surrounding heat, it will evaporate. Water evaporation makes a temperature slightly drops to some extent. The key is to make water evaporate and also absorb heat faster. With this idea comes the mist fan technology. Its principle is to produce high pressure water passing through diminutive inlets which force water to eject in an infinitesimal particle, say, around 5-25 microns or 0.15 millimeter. This allows vapor to evaporate itself and reduce the temperature faster. The water pressure used here is approximately 40-70 bar. This said pressure is generated by high pressure pump specially designed. The whole system is also designed to support high pressure operation. When it all combines with the mist fan, the air passing through the fan containing vapor has lower temperature than the surrounding. In other word, here! We have got a nippy refreshing breeze.

Does the mist fan consume more energy?

» The mist fan consumes more energy slightly than the general fan because of its bigger size. The fan part consumes only around 180 w. and the high pressure pump part consumes around 200 w. So that within 1 hour that you use the fan together with the high pressure pump, they consume around 380 w. This costs around 1/3 unit or around 1.2 THB per hour. Water consumption rate is also low. It consumes water around 184 C.C./minute or 11 liters per 1 hour. We can see that the mist fan is economical both for electricity and water bill compared to air-conditioner. It provides you another alternative bracing experience!